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Just Cakes Bakeshop, as featured on FOOD NETWORK, is known for it’s clean, modern yet elegant vibe and finely curated high-quality desserts. The Bakeshop revels in the belief that fresh is best, creating fine pastries daily to the community.

The daily menu is composed of a variety of macarons, pastries, cakes, mousse cakes, tarts, cream puffs, signature Just Jars, and more. Raveena & the team at Just Cakes Bakeshop strives to bring excellence and perfection to each dessert and cake that is created in the Bakeshop.

The Bakeshop team consists of world-class pastry chefs, Red Seal certified, bringing the highest level of pastry knowledge to the kitchen. And now, the Just Cakes Bakeshop team carries a national title of THE BIG BAKE CHAMPIONS from Food Network Canada’s series “The Big Bake”.

The Just Cakes Bakeshop team’s main goal is to create a culture of appreciation around the art of pastry, all while using the best ingredients to conjure the most delicious of desserts.

Meet The Owner

Raveena Oberoi

Hi guys, I’m Raveena – the owner of Just Cakes Bakeshop.

It’s been a journey to get here, and one of my most important core values is transparency and openness. I have always wanted to conduct my business in a way that was genuine, passionate, and exuding love at every single step. So – I want to share a little bit about myself – so you get to know the story behind Just Cakes. Here goes.

When I was sixteen, in high school, I felt isolated, insecure, and alone. Dark thoughts consumed my life for nearly two years. I didn’t feel worthy of being on this planet, truly. But then – I discovered baking. I had always loved working with my hands as a kid – my mother would often bring me and my sisters craft sets and other activities so we wouldn’t watch too much television. One day, she and my sister brought home a piping set. So, we made a cake – it was a boxed vanilla cake mix with chocolate filling, and I used a zip lock bag with the corner cut off as a piping bag to create a basket weave icing effect that I saw on Google. Needless to say, after that cake – I was absolutely hooked on the art.

From then on, I was obsessed.---

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