Just Cakes Bakeshop has had the honour & privilege of being a part of over 1000s of weddings over the past 10 years.


We pride ourselves in creativity, execution, and utmost quality in our wedding cakes – and now we want to bring a one-on-one experience to planning & creating your special cake!


As of late 2020, Just Cakes Bakeshop will only be taking on 20 weddings per calendar year. This is to control for quality, as well as the provide a unique premium service for our brides & grooms looking for that stand-out masterpiece wedding cake for their big day.


As for pricing cakes, as wedding cakes are largely customized, the price varies cake to cake. The base pricing for all wedding cakes is $1200.


If you are interested in getting a JCB wedding cake, please fill out your information below. From there, we will contact you regarding setting up an appointment to meet in person, go through a formal consultation & tasting, and come up with the wedding cake of your DREAMS – together!

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