Just Cakes Bakeshop, as featured on FOOD NETWORK, is known for it’s clean, modern yet elegant vibe and finely curated high-quality
desserts. The Bakeshop revels in the belief that fresh is best, creating fine pastries daily to the
community. The daily menu is composed of a variety of macarons, pastries, cakes, mousse
cakes, tarts, cream puffs, signature Just Jars, and more. Raveena & the team at Just Cakes
Bakeshop strives to bring excellence and perfection to each dessert and cake that is created in
the Bakeshop. The Bakeshop team consists of world-class pastry chefs, Red Seal certified,
bringing the highest level of pastry knowledge to the kitchen. And now, the Just Cakes Bakeshop team carries a national title of THE BIG BAKE CHAMPIONS from Food Network Canada’s series “The Big Bake”. The Just Cakes Bakeshop

team’s main goal is to create a culture of appreciation around the art of pastry, all while using
the best ingredients to conjure the most delicious of desserts.

“We invite you with open arms to stop by our bakery at

#5-7548 120 Street,

and either take a box of goodies to go, or sit down and enjoy premium coffees & teas with your sweet treats.”

Raveena Oberoi

Hi guys, I’m Raveena – the owner of Just Cakes Bakeshop.

It’s been a journey to get here, and one of my most important core values is transparency and openness. I have always wanted to conduct my business in a way that was genuine, passionate, and exuding love at every single step. So – I want to share a little bit about myself – so you get to know the story behind Just Cakes. Here goes.
When I was sixteen, in high school, I felt isolated, insecure, and alone. Dark thoughts consumed my life for nearly two years. I didn’t feel worthy of being on this planet, truly. But then – I discovered baking. I had always loved working with my hands as a kid – my mother would often bring me and my sisters craft sets and other activities so we wouldn’t watch too much television. One day, she and my sister brought home a piping set. So, we made a cake – it was a boxed vanilla cake mix with chocolate filling, and I used a ziplock bag with the corner cut off as a piping bag to create a basketweave icing effect that I saw on Google. Needless to say, after that cake – I was absolutely hooked on the art.
From then on, I was obsessed. I watched Food Network shows and Cake Boss incessantly. I watched YouTube tutorials until the wee hours of the morning just trying to soak in this world of baking in. And for the remainder of my high school career, anything I could make into a cake I did (from the periodic table of elements to a Spanish amusement park to the phospholipid bilayer … I caked whatever I could.) I finally felt confident. I finally felt I was getting good at something. I found my home in the kitchen.
Every single day after school, I would come home at precisely three in the afternoon. I would bake my grandmother and I something – whether it be banana bread, cookies, cupcakes – something, just to practice the craft. She always joked that I made more of a mess than dessert itself, but she loved watching the creations come to life too.
I ended off my final year of high school feeling in a better place – finally.
After the summer, I moved to a dorm at UBC. However, there were no kitchens in dorms. I started losing grasp of my confidence. I was losing my therapy. My home. I started having dark thoughts again. I was scaring myself again.
My first year of university was a clashing reminder that the kitchen meant more to me that I ever could have thought.
And then, I lost my grandmother.
With so many broken pieces around me – I knew I couldn’t crawl into a hole again. I knew I was better than that. That I had the capability to pull myself out. And so, in my next year of university, I rented an apartment with a friend.
It featured a tiny kitchen, about the size of a small folding table. It had a retro, funky yellow oven, and little counter space. But it was my kitchen. It was my home. I remember the day we moved in, the first thing I unpacked were my cake tools. I made a cake for my cousin that weekend, and I remember stepping back from it and sighing a sigh of relief. “I’m back.”
I took orders on the weekends, while managing a full time course load and being involved in extra circulars. I was obsessed with the craft. I would tell anyone I could. I found my passion. And I felt so lucky that I did.
In my final year of university, in one of my final classes of my career counselling course – we were set with the task of counselling ourselves through a career problem. My problem: Do I go with my degree, a BA in psychology, or do I go with my passion, my hobby, my love, baking. I felt fo so long I had to choose just one. But one day, my professor so candidly said – “Why do you feel like you need to choose just one? Be open to all of the doors. You never know what that can bring.” No one had ever said that so bluntly to me before, and I carry it with me even still.
After I graduated UBC, I got a job as a behaviour interventionist and a child care worker working with children with Autism. The weight this chapter of my life carries with me is undefinable. I truly believe this was a necessary precursor and lesson to me before I started my business. Working in this field taught me the empathy, the compassion, the values necessary in conducting an all-rounded business, full of passion and love. These values I embed in my business daily, and am so grateful for them.
All the while, I was obsessed with the idea of studying in the birthplace of fine pastry – Paris, France. I inquired with a school in Paris, and they had initially told me that they had room for me in their small-class long-duration course in two years (I inquired in 2015, and they said they had room in the 2017 session). So I agreed – I thought it would give me ample time to save up and go for it.
Two weeks after that initial call, the school called me. They told me someone had dropped out of the next 2016 session and the spot was mine if I wanted it – but only if I paid the deposit. The next day, I went to the bank, emptied out my savings, and wired it to the school. Without telling anyone. I was going to Paris.
The next few months that ensued preparing for my travels to Paris were the hardest months of my life. I was working full time, and doing cakes full time. I was working 20 hour days, every single day. I wanted this so, so bad, and no one was about to stop me.
In April 2016, I flew to Paris, France to study the impeccable art of pastry. I trained under the worlds most esteemed pastry chefs, and I was constantly embedded in inspiration and determination. Often times I couldn’t believe I was there. But then, I am reminded in the power of dreams.
In August 2016, I returned to my hometown of Abbotsford. I remember the night I came back. I was laying in my bed, staring at the ceiling. And then I said “You will open up your bakery in a year.” It was the first time I had promised that to myself. It had been an unspoken dram all this time – but now, it was out there.
Fast forward the roller coaster of opening up a bakery, and eleven months later, on July 17 2017, we opened the doors of Just Cakes Bakeshop to the public. The events leading up to our opening is a true testament to the power of passion, belief in the universe and yourself, and belief in your dreams.
Theres been a lot of setbacks. Being a young, South Asian female – it isn’t easy opening up, running, and expanding business. You get questioned at every single turn. You get discouraged on the daily. Your passions and dreams and ethic get discounted often.
But here is my WHY: I was a young, South Asian female that beat the odds. All simply due to my belief in myself. And I want to change that dialogue. I want to be just one example of a brown girl that went for it – and that YOUR dreams and wishes are so worth it, too. I want to show other young girls that its okay to dream big, and you will get there with your determination, perseverance, and hard work. You have every capability of being exceptional, and it all starts with the thoughts within.
I hope that gives you a gist of my WHY. Of the reason why I do what I do. This is so much bigger than “Just Cakes” despite the name of my business. Its about going for it, because your dreams are so, so worth it.

Madison Clarke

My name is Madison! I have been a part of the Just Cakes family since November 2017. I am a Red Seal pastry chef, and my love for the art of pastry is all in the fine details! My favourite thing to make (and eat) is our Rocher mousse – there are so many different layers of chocolate-hazelnut goodness – how can you not love it?

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